Colorado Cylinder Stoves


I rec'd the fighting elk name sign last night and absolutely love it!!! It is perfect! Thank you so very much for such quality work and customer service!!

Deb Bortz - Missoula, MT

We fish hard year-round in California's Sierra Nevadas. Temps often fall to the single digits or below 0ºF. The stove is literally a life saver for anyone planning to camp in the extreme cold.

Ben Blankenhorn - Diamond Bar, California

I got a cylinder stove. I understood that it was a package deal & if I wanted certain items I needed to go to the manufacturer directly. Which I did. The owner is unbelievable. I told him I was hesitant to pay the big $for shipping & he told me he was going to be in town for a trade show & would bring what I wanted. Unbelievable. I got a rain cap + heat robber + some other items & have been extremely happy. I highly recommend you get one for your canvas outfitter or Alaknak. I have used it quite a few times & it has held up very well.

ColoradoNellie - Colorado

So far this product is everything I have read about in the reviews. I like what I see so far as far as craftmmanship goes. I had questions about the correct size to by for my specific tent. I called the manufacturer and he was very responsive to my questions. Pros & Cons. When my Timberline stove arrived I was all excited. Only to see the spark arrestor was damaged. I call the manufacturer again and again no problem they sent me a new one in the same day I called. Great customer support. I would recomend this product to all. Thanks again.

OLucky - Cedar Creek, TX

"I haven't used this stove in my tent yet, but I did burn wood in it for the first time yesterday in my back yard. I installed a different grate other than what came with the stove. The grate that came with the stove laid on the bottom of the stove. I installed a larger grate which raised the wood over the vent holes in the door. I had no problem getting the stove to reach 600 degrees and regulating the heat. My wife had the idea of putting a tea kettle on the stove and cooking a tender loin in a iron skillet. I'm completely happy with the ability to heat and cook with this stove. On the water tank that came with the stove, make sure you use pipe tape on the treads or the tap will leak. Can't wait till hunting season to try this stove out in my 15x18 canvas wall tent." camper3 - Savannah, GA